Why use SWIMTRAINER “Classic”?

Babies Love Swimming

Babies love swimming! Swimming brings a whole host of benefits for the baby, such as better coordination, more confidence and fun! However, without the right pool float for babies, we end up holding on to babies, which leads to reduced independence in the water. The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” baby swimming float helps your baby to reap all the benefits of early swimming.

Confident baby on SWIMTRAINER Classic Red

Develop Your Baby’s Confidence in the Water

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” supports your baby in the ideal horizontal swimming position, which allows your baby to float correctly, and move easily and independently. This allows your baby to develop confidence in the water. Before long, your baby will learn how to move forward, turn and stop in the water, while swimming on the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”.

Baby with SWIMTRAINER Classic playing with pool toy

Promotes Independent Play

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” develops independence in the baby. You can help to instil independence in your baby by putting a bath or pool toy in front of your baby and watch them move to reach for the bath toy.

Correct Swimming Position

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Supports your baby in the Correct Position

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” maintains your baby in the correct horizontal 40° angle that professional swimmers adopt. In this position, your baby’s torso is supported by the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, and his legs are free to move about in the water. Your baby learns that this is the correct swimming position by habituation, and will learn swimming easier.

Promotes the Frog Kick Reflex

Babies at about 6 months old have a frog-kick reflex. SWIMTRAINER “Classic” helps to promote this reflex movement in your baby. While on the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, your baby’s legs are free to move about, and perform the frog-kick that we associate with the breaststroke style kick.

Family Bonding

Most importantly, SWIMTRAINER “Classic” helps to strengthen the unbreakable bond between the parent and the child.

Mom with Baby on SWIMTRAINER Classic Red
Mom kissing Baby on SWIMTRAINER Classic Red

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Fun!

Use it in the pool, use it in the ocean, use it in the lake, or just use it in the tub, SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is fun for your baby!

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