What is the difference between the 3 sizes of SWIMTRAINER ‘’Classic’’?

The 3 SWIMTRAINER “Classic” flotation aids differ in their buoyancy and overall size.

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Red has the largest amount of air, and is used for beginner swimmers. It is great for babies and toddlers from 6 kg up to 18kg. The large size keeps the babies’ faces away from the water while allowing them to develop confidence in the water.

The orange SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Orange is for ages 2 to 6 years (15kg to 30kg) and holds slightly lesser air. This allows the child to be slightly lower in the water, which results in them getting splashed by the water. It is ideal for children who are confident in the water and learning the swimming strokes.

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Yellow is for ages 4 to 8 years (20kg to 36kg) and is the smallest SWIMTRAINER “Classic” available. It provides a little buoyancy for the child, and requires the child to learn to be stay afloat themselves. The small float ring allows the child to coordinate their arm and leg movements while perfecting their swimming strokes.

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My child is 2 years old now. Which SWIMTRAINER “Classic” should I choose for my child?

If your child age and weight fits either of two sizes then please be guided by your child’s confidence in the water.

For example, if your child is nervous in the water the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Red would be best because the red flat is the most buoyant so your child will feel more secure and will be supported higher above the water. However, if you feel your child is a confident water lover, then the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Orange is probably best because this will place your child lower in the water and allow them to co-ordinate their arm and leg movements.

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Is the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” safe?

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is a very stable product. It has been on the market for nearly 20 years and is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. It has a unique design with multiple inflation chambers in order to maximise its stability in the water. It has been tested against (and conforms to) Australia’s very stringent safety standards (AS 1900-2002 Flotation aids for water familiarisation).

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is a flotation aid designed to help children practice their swimming strokes by putting them in the correct (horizontal) position for swimming. It is not a lifejacket. It does not prevent drowning. Like all swimming products (rings, arm bands, kickboards, noodles, swimming jackets etc), the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” should only be used under strict supervision. When using the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, a competent carer should be supervising the child and should be within arms reach at all times.

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I noticed there are other colours of SWIMTRAINER. What’s the difference?

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” only comes in Red, Orange and Yellow. The reason for these bright colours is to ensure your child is clearly visible in the water.

There are a number of copies in the market of SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. We’ve found that while they copy the design of SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, they may not have copied the engineering of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. Some parents who’ve unwittingly purchased the fake SWIMTRAINER “Classic” have told us that the child is too high above the water, which makes the float very unstable. In addition, the fake SWIMTRAINER “Classic” are prone to leaks.

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” comply with the European, US-American, Australian and Russian safety standards, are TÜV&GS and ASTM-F963 tested and are free of phthalates.

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I think my SWIMTRAINER is leaking air. What do I do?

All SWIMTRAINER “Classic” sold in Singapore come with a 6 month manufacturer warranty and we will happily exchange items that are found to be faulty with manufacturing defects. Do note that damages from usage do not fall under the warranty cover.

The valves of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” can become squashed during packaging resulting in either the cap not fitting properly (or not staying closed) or the value leaking air. This is generally a temporary problem that will fix itself once the product has been inflated for a few hours, as the air pressure will force the valve back into place. You can sometimes speed this process along by giving the valve a gentle massage. If this problem does not resolve itself in a few hours, please contact us to arrange a replacement SWIMTRAINER.

Due to the small volume of air in the stomach component of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, the air can escape if the valve is open and you may feel that it is difficult to inflate this chamber. This is not a design fault but is simply due to the tiny amount of air in the chamber. You can read more about this in the instruction manual.

If you believe any of the other chambers are leaking air, or if the value issue does not resolve itself quickly, please email us at hello@sophie.sg to arrange an exchange.

If you have further questions, drop us a email at hello@swimtrainer.com.sg or our Facebook Page or Instagram Page.