The Best Baby Swimming Float

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” supports your baby safely and securely in the correct swimming position.

The Ideal Swimming Position

SWIMTRAINER Classic puts your baby in the correct Swimming Position

While on the Red SWIMTRAINER “Classic” baby swimming float, your baby can maintain the correct 40° angle that professional swimmers adopt. This trains them to keep at this position when they eventually move from using the float.

Safety & Security

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is designed with your child’s safety and security in mind. There are 2 main air chambers, so if a leak springs from either of them, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” will keep your baby afloat. In addition, there are shoulder harnesses which secure your baby to the float, so he won’t slide through the float. The material that the float is made from is tested to be Phthalates-free, so you will have peace of mind to use a top quality swimming float for your child.

Shoulder straps secure your aby to the float

Shoulder straps prevent baby from sliding forwards

Covered clips on the back keeps your baby on the float

Clips are protected by a cover to prevent accidental opening.

2 main air chambers on the SWIMTRAINER Classic

Multiple separate air compartments keeps the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” buoyant.

Keeping Baby Afloat Comfortably

Baby on SWIMTRAINER Classic float

The main float supports 80% of baby’s weight.

Baby on SWIMTRAINER Classic float

Baby can relax his neck, by resting his head on the float.

Underwater shot of child on SWIMTRAINER Classic float

Core support to help baby maintain swimming position.

Leonie Beck, 10km Marathon Swimmer

I learned to swim with the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” at the swimming school FREDS SWIM ACADEMY with Verena Lacher as a 4 year old child in Augsburg. The SWIMTRAINER is great because the children are in the right swimming position and learning to swim is made easier.

Parents love the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for sending the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. My son loves it! 

My daughter loves this so much and now she knows how to kick like a frog!

We absolutely love it. It’s the best swim product out there

Jax (3 months) thought his SWIMTRAINER “Classic” was great! He loved swimming alongside his sisters!
Ebony, mum of Jax.

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